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Kaş is a small fishing town and a district of Antalya Province of Turkey. But don’t underestimate its extensions, because Kaş expands through a wide area including 5 resorts and 48 villages. The total population is around 50.000; 8000 of it live in the center, and the rest in the villages. Kaş was a fishing town earlier, but the main source of income for the residents is tourism now. With its unique turquoise waters, precious endemic plants and ancient ruins, Kaş has become a favorite place for many travelers around the world. On the contrary to its growth in recent years, Kaş still remains unspoilt because of the transportation difficulties to the area. Therefore, it is still regarded as the jewellery of the Mediterranean Coats.

Kaş is one of the most important cities of Lykia and hosts the unique cultural travels by means of its ancient cities and historical assets surrounding the town. Kaş has one of the most famous five diving centers. The people are also enchanted with the paragliding experience which offers a fantastic view during the flight from the high mountains through the turquoise waters.


The oldest name of this unique resort is known as “Habesos”. The ancient city, also called as “Antiphellos” in the history, is an industrial port located at the junction of the ways connecting Caria and Lykia regions. The region came under the domination of Macedonia during the period of Alexander the Great and ruled by Seleucids and Ptolemies after his death. Antiphellos gain more importance in Roman Period and became the bishopric center during Byzantium Period. After the Arabian Attacks, Anatolia became a Seljuk land and started to be called as “Andifli”. Kaş became an Ottoman Empire land during Yıldırım Beyazıt Period.

Having a rooted history, the region carries the traces of many different civilizations. The history of Lykia dates back to 3000 B.C. Please find more information here.